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The Eternity Bead Assurance Of Quality

Customers have told us their most important concern is our methods for making Memorial Glass, as they have been disappointed when reviewing the practices of other Ashes Infused Glass crafting services in the past. We at Eternity Beads have very stringent working procedures ensuring that every individual piece of Memorial Glass we craft is of the highest quality. We take every precaution possible to ensure that each Eternity Bead is made with precision and 100% free of any contaminants. We believe you deserve the best service and quality regardless of the price.

Our Assurance Of Quality: Eternity Bead Do's

We use only a tiny fraction of the ashes nothing is wasted or lost and we return all remaining ashes to you.

We use a clean razor blade when working with the ashes as this leaves no residue preventing contamination by foreign particles and ensures a perfectly clean work station.

Eternity Bead Dont's

We don't polish or cut our finished Ashes Glass, as small pieces of glass containing ash would break off.

We never use brushes to handle ashes as ashes are trapped within the bristles and it is not clean.